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What is artificial turf?

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What is artificial turf?

We all have our own unique idea of a dream house, and almost all dream-houses have one thing in common. A nice, lush green garden. And why not? It’s our own peace of heaven, an escape from the world.But often, we end up compromising on this dream because of various reasons like lack of space, living in apartments, low water-supply, infertile soil, space constraints and exorbitant maintenance charges.

This has led to the arrival of a very popular trend of next-generation artificial grass landscaping, and it has taken the country by storm. FieldTurf artificial grass has changed the way modern corporate premises, building complexes, public spaces and homes look! With no requirement of weeding, mowing or watering, it brings down the maintenance costs drastically for the facility managers. Additionally, it is a one-time cost, with a warranty of 8 years (estimated life over 15 years) and fade & fire resistant.

This grass is lead-free and 100% recyclable, perfectly safe for kids, adults and environment alike. It is also perfect for terraces at societies and corporate, ideal for kids’ play, society activities or employee strolls, meanwhile reducing cooling costs significantly.

Hence, leading landscape architects are recommending FieldTurf for estate and town plans, from residential to commercial, on terraces, balconies, lawns, indoor landscaping, near swimming pools, backyards, pet areas and where not. The grass lays there looking effortlessly beautiful while taking heavy wear and tear day in and day out. With the likes of Infosys, Apollo Hospitals, The Empyrean Homes, over 5000 happy clients in India are experiencing lush, refreshing landscapes; the FieldTurf Experience.

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