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No stadium in the world can be economically viable with only one sport or for that matter with just sports. Therefore every stadium looks for ways to increase their revenue and, there is no question that, the potential income from a non-sporting event can often be as much or more than that of a sporting occasion. However, maintaining the standard of the playing surface is vital, as there is no point in gaining revenue from an event only to have to spend that revenue on repairing or replacing the playing surface. Therefore, if a stadium decides to opt for the non-sporting event route, it must very carefully consider which product to purchase for their turf protection.

Terraplas plc has been in the turf protection business for over twenty years, and has been very successful in designing and manufacturing the most widely used protection products around the World – so much so that it regarded as ‘World’s No.1 Turf Protection Company’.

The world over, almost all stadiums, whether natural or artificial grass, are using Terraplas products to protect their field for events such as:

  • Opening / closing ceremonies
  • Music concerts
  • Political gatherings
  • Trade shows
  • Weddings etc.

Its success is reflected by its dozens of installations at:

  • Dubai International Stadium, UAE
  • Sultan Qaboos Stadium, Oman
  • Donbass Arena, Ukraine
  • Yankee Stadium, New York City.

Terraplas has several advantages including:

  • Far superior in strength to any of its competitors.
  • Can be used on both artificial and natural grass.
  • Allows sunlight to go through the translucent material, therefore allowing photosynthesis to continue and draws moisture from the ground, forming a moisture canopy on the underside of the tile.

The turf does not therefore require watering during the period it is covered.

“As Wembley’s Sales and Events Director I remember the first Terraplas installation at Wembley. As we tried to solve the challenges of not only offering the world’s best soccer pitch surface but the economics of needing increased stadium event activity and multi-day concerts, Terraplas was the answer we needed. Wembley, in working on development with Terraplas, led the way for the world’s stadiums looking to expand their activity while protecting their grass pitches. It has been great since those innovatory beginnings in ‘91 to advise others the advantages of the practical and cost benefits in using the system and to watch Terraplas expand and become the world-leader”.

Mr. Roger Edwards,

Former Sales & Events DirectorWembley National Stadium

With highly specialized materials and patented design, the Terraplas (UK) turf protection tiles can withstand loads ranging from spectator seating to vehicle movement to stage construction – ALL on the turf without causing damage.

Catering to different needs, Terraplas has three types of products – Terraturf, Terratile, Terratrak plus.

Terraturf – Designed for pedestrian and seating use, Terraturf protects the grass at Stadiums when they are being used for non-sporting events. It is a “budget range” turf protection, for natural or artificial turf.

Terratile – Designed for light vehicles and all applications of Terraturf, Terratile is the proven solution for multi-purpose venues for natural or artificial turf. It incorporates an integral anti-slip top surface with specially designed, raised air holes that allows the turf to breathe but at the same time prevent liquids from penetrating to the turf below. 

Terratrak plus – Designed to take the weight and stresses exerted by forklifts and heavy duty machines, Terratrak plus ® is light enough to be put in position by hand. It is bolted in panels of 2 during assembly, using bolt systems made from the same material as the camlocks. Each panel is connected to its adjacent counterparts by means of very strong vertical locking cams manufactured from a special nylon which is as strong as steel but does not bend or rust, and provides the strongest panel connection of any product.