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The Next Big Thing in Schools

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The Next Big Thing in Schools

With the growing popularity of sports and fitness in India, schools aren’t leaving any stone unturned to have a world-class sports infrastructure. From just being a “nice-to-have” amenity until recently, sports facility is now rapidly becoming an essential feature. Indian students are now competing in the international arena against foreign students and schools are trying hard to keep up with international standards of sports training. Parents are also now more aware of the importance of sports in a child’s development and expect schools to have good sports amneties.

Setting up a school with the best sports facility is a challenging task that involves huge investment in terms of time and capital. It is unlikely that everyone likes the same sport; hence the primary challenge is to provide a multi-sport facility. And with space and budget always a constraint, there is also a compelling need to use the same facility for non-sports usage as well. Every school looks at using such surfaces in multiple activities, thereby deriving multi-dimensional ROI.

Great Sports Infra addresses these concerns very in more ways than one. One very popular choice for multi-sport and multi-purpose products is our next-generation artificial turf. We have over 5,000 installations in India today, spanning every type of facility. Customers love it because of its versatility in usage and no-maintenance aspects. Another innovation is inter-locking modular sport tiles, meant for pretty much every sport – indoors or outdoors, and absolutely suitable for any non-sports activity on them like Annual Day, parades, music concerts as well. These last over 20 years, and can be re-located; thereby providing the best return on Investment.

Many educational institutes like TISB (Bangalore), Jain International School (three campuses), The Aryan School (Dehradun), BRS International School (Bangalore), Chirec Public School (Hyderabad) and Miranda House Women’s College (Delhi) have installed our multi-sport & multi-purpose products. And why not? Children deserve the best and these surfaces are that and much more! The products provide a 360 degree satisfaction, to the management, the parents and the students.

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