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IAAF Standard Tracks

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Porplastic synthetic athletic tracks maintain the top position among the synthetic track systems. Manufactured in accordance with the IAAF quality criteria, these athletic tracks are suitable for every level of play – amateur, training and competition.

They meet and exceed the IAAF requirements of slip resistance, spike resistance, force reduction and vertical deformation. Their material composition has been developed in accordance with the requirements of the sport and incorporates a balance between non-slip qualities, shock absorption and speed. The IAAF certified range of products are ideal for national and international level competitions.

Porplastic’s superior performance synthetic athletic tracks are fast, uniform and responsive and create the ideal conditions required for a runner. With high UV and weather resistance, these tracks provide permanent elasticity and are resilient. These high-grip and non-slip surfaces are usable within minutes after rain.

With hundreds of installations across the world Porplastic athletic track system has a proven success in every climate and environment. An IAAF Class-1 track in Croatia is an example.

The other installations include:

  • Olympiastadion, Germany
  • Saha Thidacha, Thailand
  • Athletic Center Agios Kosma, Greece and many more.

To date, we have installed over half a dozen IAAF standard synthetic athletic tracks in South Asia including:

  • Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium – 35th National Games, Kerala
  • Govt. of Mauritius – 2nd African Youth ChampionshipInternational-Association-of-Athletics-Federations-IAAF-logo
  • IIT Madras
  • Kandla Port Trust 
  • Jayaprakash Narayan National Youth Center, Vidyanagar
  • Mahatma Gandhi District Stadium, Udupi

We also have many projects in progress, including:

  • Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
  • Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore
  • Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur

I am impressed with the running track. I  would  say  this  is  the  best  in  the  State. It should also be among the finest in the country. 

P.T. Usha

Indian track & field athlete and coach

Every sports facility has its own requirements such as local conditions, multiple usage and special design requests. Porplastic system has solutions for any challenge and ensures top performance and cost-effective maintenance surfaces. These athletic surfaces are time-tested and proven as required by specific standards and sports organizations.

The unique combination of SBR and EPDM rubber granules produce high strength and a resilient running track system.  Catering to different needs, Porplastic has two types of products – Full PUR (Porplastic M Olympic), Sandwich (Porplastic SW Competition), Spray coat (Porplastic SB economic) and Full PUR full EPDM (M Olympic Gold).

Porplastic M Olympic:Porplastic M-olympic cross section

The Full PUR-bound cast coating, water-impermeable system can handle the toughest constant stresses applied by spikes. These granulated surfaces help for dynamic footing and can be used under all weather conditions. These running/run-up tracks are used for international competitions and tournaments at top-class level.



Porplastic SW Competition:

Having a sandwich construction, the Porplastic SW Competition system provides outstanding conditions for training and competition even in wet conditions and during rains. With extremely high spike resistance, the sandwich system can be used in mass sports and competitions, multi-purpose playing fields and for re-topping.


Porplastic SB economic:

Elastic layer with structural spray coating, water-permeable, spike-resistant, anti-skid granulated surface. Running/run-up tracks, sports fields, ideal for revitalisation and renovation (re-topping).



M Olympic Gold:

The full PUR full EPDM track is a relatively new product from Porplastic. Having a thickness of 14.4mm, the M Olympic Gold track is made of EPDM granules and is mixed with PU binder. These running/run-up tracks are used for international competitions and tournaments at top-class level.

Project : Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium for 35th National Games

Location : Thiruvananthapuram

Year of Installation : 2015

Type of Installation : 8 Lane Sandwich system Athletic Track

Certification : IAAF Class 2