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Synthetic Athletic Tracks

Great Sports InfraSynthetic Athletic Tracks

For more than five decades, Porplastic PUR/rubber granule systems have achieved an excellent track record as sporting surfaces.  Made with the highest quality environment-friendly materials, the tracks are installed with best engineering expertise.

These systems are just as suitable for new installations as they are for the revitalization or renovation of existing surfaces. Porplastic synthetic athletic track systems are advanced track surfacing systems designed to provide runners with the highest levels of surface performance for competition and cushioning for safe training.

Porplastic running tracks are free from Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions. These athletic tracks are suitable for every level of play – amateur, training and competition. From schools and athletic training clubs to international arenas with the highest level class I tracks, all the sectors pick Porplastic athletic tracks system. These running tracks maintain a perfect balance between performance and athlete safety. Porplastic synthetic athletic tracks come in a variety of colours.

These IAAF standard 400m tracks are also used for Pole vault, High Jump, Hurdles, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Steeplechase, and Javelin Throw.

Representing today’s most technological advances, Porplastic tracks are the preferred running tracks for hundreds of new installations around the world.