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SubAir for Golf

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Maintaining a Golf Course in world-class condition is one of the toughest challenges for any curator. Black layer, variation in temperature and moisture, thatch, disease are just some of the problems.


The primary cause for these is lack of air circulation in the root zone. About 75% of turf problems are sub-surface…yet 75% of the remedies are applied above the surface!

Introducing the SubAir system for Golf, that provides sub-surface aeration to the root zone and also helps cool down the soil temperature. The SubAir system can be operated in a vacuum mode in situations where there is excess of water accumulation on the grass surface and such water has to be evacuated rapidly – either for playability or grass growth factors.

The network of piping should be ideally of USGA standards or similar (California Green etc) with the main objective of deeply embedded network of perforated pipes that are networked to a single inlet-outlet point.

The benefits of the SubAir system include:

  • Aeration / Removal of Harmful gases
  • Thatch / Black Layer Removal
  • Increased Root mass and depth
  • Improved Resistance to Turf Diseases
  • Moderation of Temperature at the Root Zone and Surface
  • Rapid Water Evacuation
  • Aeration for best grass growth

Globally, the SubAir system for Golf is in use at hundreds of Championship Courses across the world, including:

  • Barona Creek Golf Club
  • Dallas National Golf Club
  • Los Angeles Country Club
  • Congressional Country Club

In India, SubAir is in use at DLF Golf and Country Club.

The SubAir system provides both aeration and vacuum powered drainage for the turf and enables air-exchange in the root zone to promote deeper roots and healthier grass thereby improving playability.

The system is designed to provide air-exchange by means of pressure generated by the system, channeled through the network of perforated drain pipes below the grass profile.

The system continuously gets information through remote sensors across the field on parameters like moisture, salinity, temperature and takes corrective action. This scientific aeration helps prevent conditions which lead to black layer, turf diseases, algae, excess thatch, nutrient deficiency etc, resulting in more resilient turf.

SubAir Elite: The SubAir Elite system is a permanent underground system intended for one Green. The different courses choose to install the SubAir Elite System for a few Greens which require additional care or for the entire course.  

Airforce One:  The Airforce One is a mobile version. By using the Air Force One and learning how it benefits troubled areas, the next progression is to install an Elite (a SubAir permanent system) on problem greens. The Air Force One is then free to be moved around the course for regular aeration of the remaining greens.

No matter which product is chosen, the basic SubAir infrastructure including the air-water separator and dual valve assembly is required to connect the drainage system to SubAir.

The advantages of having a SubAir system are:

  • Improves Playability
  • Extends turf growing season
  • Field life extended
  • Turf is healthier