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Sports Turf Conditioning

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Consistently maintaining flawless standards of natural grass suitable for international class sporting is very difficult to achieve. The other challenge the curators face is getting a stadium ready after a short spell of rain.

However, these are a thing of the past. The next generation turf conditioning technology from SubAir ensures a healthy field, ready for uninterrupted play at any time of the year. SubAir Systems LLC designs and manufactures sub-surface airflow systems for sports field and golf course applications. It is a tool and process method that helps to create and maintain the optimum subsurface growing environment for grass.

The patented two-way airflow SubAir system offers the benefits of both pressure and vacuum modes. In the vacuum mode, it enables rapid water evacuation from the surface, thereby draining any standing water and thus restoring the surface to an optimal playing condition. Conversely, the pressure mode creates movement of air upwards through the profile for soil aeration which helps with the growth of grass and roots. The warming and cooling of air can be achieved through hydronics.

SubAir provides drainage and conditioning mechanism for the playing surface of all grass based sports like Cricket, Golf, Baseball and Rugby and has over 500 installations around the world.

Its success has been reflected at:

  • 4 stadiums for the 2014 FIFA World Cup (Arena Fonte Nova, Arena Corinthians, Beira Rio Stadium and Arena de Amazonia)
  • Lokomotiv Stadium* for 2018 FIFA World Cup
  • DLF Golf & Country Club
  • Augusta National Golf Club
  • University of Nebraska, etc.