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It is impossible that everyone will like the same sport; hence the challenge is to provide a multi-sport facility. And with space and budget always a constraint, there is also a compelling need to use the same facility for non-sports usage as well.

Great Sports Infra Church installation

SnapSports’ multi-sport and multi-purpose courts are engineered to easily convert between Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball, Futsal, and more all on one court. Any sports facility is always looking at using such surfaces in more than one way. The inter-locking modular sport tiles are meant for pretty much every sport – indoors or outdoors, and absolutely suitable for any non-sports activity on them. These can be re-located; thereby providing the best return on investment.

  • Ideal for any sport (basketball, Futsal, tennis, badminton etc)
  • Ideal for multi-purpose usage (gymnasium, anniversary functions, social gatherings etc..)
  • Injury-free
  • Low-to-no maintenance
  • Non-stop usage round-the-clock

Unlike other sports flooring, SnapSports stands up to the tough demands of weather and maintenance. Not only do these surfaces enable clients to include several activities such as Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball etc but also allow non-sports usage such as gymnasium, school events etc. In a school hall, they can double up for the dining area and the sports area as well.

The versatility of usage, easy-to-install, injury-free and maintenance-free aspects of SnapSports have been appreciated by all. The SnapSports line-up of indoor and outdoor multi-sport and multi-purpose flooring provides unmatched traction and patent shock-absorbing technology.

Our SnapSports courts are widely acclaimed amongst our customers for various reasons such as:

  • Best performance
  • Portable or Permanent Flooring System
  • Long life – Have a warranty of 16 years and life even longer
  • Maintenance-free
  • Non-stop usage round the clock
  • Multi-sport & multi-purpose
  • All-weather playability (heavy rain, high heat, intense cold)