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Inter-locking Modular Sports Flooring

Great Sports InfraInter-locking Modular Sports Flooring

SnapSports®’ patented inter-locking modular sports flooring is quite a revolution in sports industry. For nearly four decades, SnapSports products have provided the ideal playing surface for pretty much every Indoor and Outdoor sport. Approved by FIBA, IHF and ITF for the highest level play, SnapSports has different varieties catering to competition and amateur level playing standards.

Varying degree of shock-absorption systems, extensive choice of colours, logo creations, portability…all add to making it an ideal choice for Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball, Futsal, Handball courts.

The value proposition of SnapSports is mainly due to its ability to support multiple sports and still be suitable for non-sports usage. It is portable, therefore unlike most other sports surfaces, it is not locked down as a sunk investment and allows it to be used in multiple locations. SnapSports surfaces can also be used as a temporary surface for tournaments. SnapSports’ superior quality and performance is obvious with the industry’s highest warranty of 16-Year that it comes with, and the estimated life is much longer.

SnapSports has been highly recognized by the following:

  • Official FIBA Technical Partner
  • Official Indoor Court of the 2014-2016 All-Star Jam Session
  • Official Playing Surface of the United States Futsal Federation
  • Official playing surface of the Special Olympics
  • The Championship Court of the world’s largest women’s volleyball tournament and many more.

SnapSports products have been installed in thousands of sports and residential applications across the world. In India, these interlocking modular tiles have been installed for over dozens of clients including some of the most prominent schools, clubs, universities and other sports facilities.