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Indoor Cushioned PVC

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Omnisports has become one of the most popular choices for indoor sports flooring. The exclusive manufacturing process of OmniSports by Tarkett gives it a mechanical quality finish (dimensional stability, rigidity) that is unique for this type of product.  

Omnisports is ideal for amateur to competition level sports surfaces for games like Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Handball, Gymnasium, Squash etc. It is also ideally suited for multi-purpose (non-sports) usage in Gyms, Cafeterias, Club Houses etc. The product’s durability can withstand the placement of chairs and tables. Hence it serves as an excellent and cost-effective alternative to wooden surfaces.

Some of our prominent installations include:

  • Govt. of Gujarat (Sama) – One of India’s largest installation crossing 50,000 Sft.
  • Indus International School
  • Airforce Station (Multiple locations)
  • EME Bhopal
  • Symbiosis etc

Tarkett Sports products are engineered with safety and performance in mind. The unique designs, coupled with playability, grip, and shock absorption, ensure superior performance. And its BounceBack technology provides excellent energy-restitution.

Catering to different needs, Tarkett has four types of products – Omnisports Speed (3.45mm), Omnisports Training (5mm), Omnisports Reference (6.5mm) and Omnisports Excel (8.3mm).

Omnisports Speed (3.45mm):3.5mm Omni

It is an outstanding value-for-money option for applications like Badminton, Table Tennis flooring, Yoga etc, which provides safety and superior performance over the years. Portable sports flooring for badminton is also available.

Omnisports Training (5mm):5mm Omni

To be considered as a sports flooring for training purposes for amateur as well as professional players. This is also suitable for mid-range and amateur facilities. This is the most preferred sports flooring for facility managers and coaches.

Omnisports Reference (6.5mm):6.5mm Omni

Omni Reference is the ideal choice for many athletes and stadiums across the world. Most suited surface for national level sports events. Adhesive free installation and high moisture tolerance, which means faster installation and reduction in cost. This can also be used for training at the highest levels.

Omnisports Excel (8.3mm):8.3mm Omni

Thick point-elastic vinyl sports flooring combining higher shock absorption with strong surface reactivity for ball rebound and foot control. This is well known for its superior quality and high performance in international competitions.

Project : Air Force Station, Kannur

Location : Kerala

Year of Installation : 2013