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The high quality synthetic turf from FieldTurf is an ideal choice for tennis. The various options of speed, bounce, spin etc. and high cushioning makes it easier on the joints of the player by improving the playability and comfort.

TC Moulinois - Melbourne Red Sand

This ITF approved turf is suitable for all levels of competition – amateur, training and competition. FieldTurf is also an ideal surface for renovation of existing courts. Not only is the turf long lasting, it is also very economical and aesthetically pleasing.

Through FieldTurf you know you are getting the best Tennis court. Giving you years of enjoyment with your friends and family, your tennis court will be an attractive asset.

Tennis is primarily a sport played for leisure and pleasure. In selecting a court, aesthetics and practicality can be the main criteria. FieldTurf artificial turf suits all the demands of a Tennis court and is thus widely used for Tennis among clubs, resorts, schools, etc.

The fibres are densely tufted and range typically between 15-23mm. They usually have an infill of silica sand up to a prescribed level to provide the recommended bounce. The turf is UV treated to resist fading and can last many years even with regular play.

They also provide an ideal surface to play many sports other than just Tennis and can also be used for casual non-sports activities. These turfs therefore offer a tremendous value for the investment.

Our Tennis court is widely acclaimed amongst our customers for various reasons such as:

  • Virtually NO maintenance!
  • Multi-sport and multi-purpose capability
  • Injury-free
  • 5-8 year warranty. But designed to last years and years after that!
  • Fade resistant and fire retardant
  • All-weather playability (heavy rain, high heat, intense cold) etc.