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Multipurpose – Overview

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FieldTurf artificial grass for play grounds enables multi-sport/multi-purpose facilities round the clock. For any facility that looks to use an open area for sports and non-sports usage like clubs, schools, residential areas etc, FieldTurf synthetic grass is an ideal solution.?????????????

Not only do these surfaces enable the facilities to include several activities such as tennis, hockey, football, golf etc, but their application is only limited by your imagination.

With FieldTurf Multi-Purpose play grounds on the surfaces:

  • Ideal for any grass-based sport (cricket, football, badminton, Futsal, Tennis etc)
  • Ideal for multi-purpose usage (school functions, student gatherings, get-togethers etc)
  • Injury-free
  • Non-allergic
  • Non-stop usage round -the- clock

A beautiful sports facility that allows multiple sports on one surface, resilient enough to allow other activities like parades, assemblies, get togethers, schools events etc minimizing the chances of injury, complying with international playing standards, suitable for any space and budget – an ideal setup every entity hopes for.

FieldTurf artificial grass has become a popular choice for multi-sport and multi-purpose fields. This maintenance-free turf from FieldTurf allows you to use the same field for different sports and for non-sports usage as well, thereby providing best return on investment.

Here are the top benefits of having a FieldTurf field:

  • Virtually NO maintenance!
  • Multi-sport and multi-purpose capability
  • Fade resistant and fire retardant
  • All-weather playability (heavy rain, high heat, intense cold) etc.