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Futsal, the five-a-side football game recognized by FIFA, is fast gaining popularity. These fields range anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 Sft.

For facility owners, maintaining a typical Football field is a difficulty. Also, with the space constraints, constructing a full fledged Football ground is quite impossible. Amateurs and fitness freaks look for all the fun of Football without being extravagant. Helping overcome all these challenges, the pay-n-play facilities have now adopted the game of Futsal. Chargeable per hour, these facilities have become a perfect investment, with their multi-sport and multi-purpose usage.


Having met the strict guidelines and requirements for product development, performance and maintenance, FieldTurf is the FIFA Preferred Producer (FPP). The product is manufactured in the USA and conform to the highest standards. FieldTurf has its own yarn R&D and Production facility in Germany. It has innovated a superior yarn that is designed with a unique Process, Polymer and Geometry for sports use (unlike most products that use the same yarn designed for carry-bags). Therefore the products last much longer than any other product in the world!

FieldTurf synthetic grass has become a very popular choice for Futsal. Since the grass allows 24/7 play in any weather and supports multiple sports like cricket, volleyball, badminton etc to be played on it, the facility breaks even in less than half the time as compared to conventional fields.

Some of our prominent installations include:

  • Play Arena, Mumbai
  • Urban Sports, Mumbai
  • Astro Park, Hyderabad
  • Play X-Games Arena, Bangalore
  • Chennai Corporation, Chennai etc.


With virtually no maintenance requirements, FieldTurf artificial grass is tough enough to handle the heavy footfall in pay-&-play facilities, yet gentle enough to reducechances of injury! The same grass has been installed in over 7,000 Football facilities worldwide, including major stadiums in India like Salt Lake Stadium, Paljor Stadium and many more.


There are several significant reasons to use FieldTurf artificial grass for Futsal pitches:

  • Resistance to difficult climatic conditions
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Multi-sport & Multi-purpose capability
  • Improved and consistent playing conditions
  • Profitable for players and club patrons.

Project: Urban Sports

Location: Mumbai

Year of Installation: 2014