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Artificial Grass for Sports

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FieldTurf Inc. innovated the new-generation artificial grass in the late 80’s and early 90’s that was dramatically different from the old generation coarse, abrasive turf. This new “grass” was soft, yet extremely resilient. Importantly, it replicated all the bio-mechanical properties of a natural grass sports field and therefore became an instant hit with players, administrators, coaches, facilities owners etc.

Almost every sport that is played on turf immediately adopted FieldTurf as its most preferred surface, often over natural grass. Governing bodies such as FIFA, MLB, UEFA, IRB, PGA Tour, and NFL etc., all conferred the “approved” status on FieldTurf. Over the years, the FieldTurf “grass” has been further refined and improved upon.

Its success is reflected by its installations in over 7,000 stadiums and playgrounds across 55 countries. Various high profile matches have been conducted on FieldTurf including:

  • 2006 & 2012 Super Bowl
  • Champions League matches
  • Men’s FIFA U-20 World Cup Final
  • Women’s FIFA World Cup, 2015
  • World Cup Qualifiers and many more.

In India, FieldTurf was first installed in late 2005 for the 80,000 Sft. Football field at Chowgule College – the first of its kind in South Asia. To date, over 7 million sft of FieldTurf has been installed in South Asia including over 15 FIFA standard Football fields, Golf courses, Cricket academies, Hockey fields, school play grounds etc.