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Alcor modular gallery seating is designed to provide a fast and inexpensive alternative to conventional concrete galleries. Made of galvanized steel, these modular galleries are suitable for every indoor and outdoor sports or public facility and last many decades. Alcor installs more than 275,000 gallery seats every year. Alcor products have been utilized extensively worldwide. Features like multi-layered structuring, adjustability to any space constraint, anti-skid flooring, and portability together make Alcor one of the most suitable products for stadiums.

With a track record of more than 2 decades since its inception, Alcor Equipments have been used at the highest level events. Approved by, The Socotec Group, one of the most renowned inspection bodies in France, the products from Alcor cater to the seating needs of any level of usage ranging from small to large scale events. All Alcor products meet the European standard EN 13200-6 that specifies product characteristics of demountable (temporary) stands.

The design allows for various facilities to be provided under the gallery / stands, including Changing Rooms, Toilets, Gymnasium, Offices, Café etc.

While the product is not in use, it can be stored and it can be used again for a similar event. Alcor modular seating can be easily assembled and dismantled and relocated at another site.


Fire resistant, UV resistant Polypropylene seats are hinged to anti-skid 18 mm steel floor systems using 4 screws. The seats can be fixed to concrete slabs also. The entire arrangement is supported by a framework of Galvanized steel connected to the foundation made of concrete by an anchorage screw 10 X 80 type SpitNYL 12 or equivalent. The grandstands come with front, lateral and back railings in accordance with European norms. The height of the front and back railings is 1.1 m from the top of the seats.

The grandstands can also be covered with Steel deck or Low weight fabric (Galvalume) with a metallic substructure.

Alcor creates and design its own products. They are manufactured in France and are remarkable in terms of design, comfort and security and lasting many decades.

Alcor minimizes construction time for a seating system for the Beach Soccer World Cup 2013

The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup was soon approaching. The venue was selected and it had to be prepared to accommodate a seating system for spectators, changing rooms for the players, press rooms and offices.

The venue was close to the ocean and it had beach sand as its foundation. The arrangements had to be made keeping in mind the safety of the spectators.

Alcor was contracted to make the necessary arrangements. A team of five technicians and local workforce was sent to construct this complex project. Within a span of six weeks, Alcor setup this spectacular modular grandstand that not only accommodated 600 people but also included rooms that were built to meet the needs of the various audiences.

The organizers and FIFA were impressed with the quality of the grandstand. They said that this is the best of its kind. This modular grandstand is now a major venue of the island.