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Prefabricated Steel/ Wooden Frame structures

Great Sports InfraAir DomesPrefabricated Steel/ Wooden Frame structures
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Pre-fabricated steel frames structures, like the name suggests, are supported by Galvanized steel frames. While they cannot be installed as quickly as an Air supported dome, they, nevertheless, can be installed a lot faster than Conventional concrete structures. After the concrete foundation is laid, the Steel frames are erected using cranes and fixed to the foundation. Like the Air domes, they can be offered as a turnkey solution and are very versatile considering the different sectors where they can be put into use. The Merits of the system are as follows:

•     Galvanized structural steel is used as supporting material, thereby leaving no scope for corrosion and adding to the    durability of the structure
•     All weather resistant (-50°C to +70°C), UV resistant, Fire retardant
•     A perfectly inclined surface allows sliding off of snow, thereby preventing accumulation on the surface
•     Self cleaning, Ease in maintenance
•     High durability (40 years)
•     Translucent ( Eliminates the need for lighting during daytime)
•     Side wall openings that could facilitate entry of fresh air into the system



In building construction there are basically two types of structural steel: hot-rolled steel shapes and cold formed steel shapes. The hot rolled steel shapes are formed at elevated temperatures while the cold formed steel shapes are formed at room temperature.

Hot dip galvanization

In corrosive environments, we highly recommend a hot dip galvanization process, which is applied after welding, to offer complete protection.

Cold-Formed Steel

Cold-formed steel (CFS) is the common term for products made by rolling or pressing thin gauges of sheet steel into goods. Cold formed steel is changing the construction industry. Homes, office buildings, sports facilities, commercial complexes, military facilities, schools … are being constructed with cold
formed steel offering superior strength and maximum durability.