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Pneumatic tents

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     DUOL pneumatic structures are suitable for a wide range of applications. Owing to its versatility and its ease of installation, these light weight tents can be of immense use in civil protection programs, field hospitals and to the defence.

The use of the Pneumatic tents by global organizations such as NATO, EU armies, Red cross, and many national armies worldwide are proof of their versatility and adaptability. These tents come in variety of sizes to serve multiple purposes. The features and merits of the tents are as follows: 

•      Wide variety of tents in the range 8 sqm – 250 sqm
•      Rapid response in emergency situations, Easy to transport and deploy
•      Can withstand temperatures from -30°C to +70°C, High wind speed resistance (upto 100 km/hr), High snow load resistance(upto 15 kg/sqm)
•      Low packing volume, lights fabric
•      Extremely long lasting tents
•      Modular flexibility
•      Ease of cleaning 

Tents are manufactured using Class 1 PVC. This is an extremely abrasion resistant and chemically resistant fabric coated with a remarkable double compound.
Duol uses electronic High Frequency Welding (HFW), which allows the joining of two parts by means of a process called “controlled fusion” (NO Glue or any adhesives!). The HFW takes advantage of the material’s dielectric properties and does not create dangerous annealing zones.

The welding zone is even stronger than the PVC fabric itself