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DUOL is the world leader in providing Air supported structures. Certified by bodies like AAA and ISO, DUOL’s Air domes are a perfect turnkey solution that covers minute details like Emergency exits to dealing with energy interruptions. Air domes can be a perfect alternative to the conventional concrete structures, coming into use for multiple sectors such as Sports, Defence, Industrial, Logistics, etc. The immediate benefits of Air supported domes are as follows:

•    All weather resistant ( -50°C to +70°C),
•    Fire retardant
•    Easy to maintain, self cleaning
•    High durability (40 years)
•    Translucent (Eliminates the need for lighting during daytime)
•    Ready to use in 100 days
•     Can withstand earthquake loads and strong winds (up to 200 km/hr)

The air dome has a large clear span, covered with PVC coated polyester fabric and anchored to the ground, under inside pressure without any bearing construction – pressurized air is the construction element.

Working mode of the dome – Ventilation system provides slight overpressure inside air dome ensuring a proper form of the dome, as well as stability of the structure in every climatic condition. Same inflating units work as heaters, heating the complete space.

Optimal pressure inside the dome is 200-300 Kilo Pascal in normal conditions, depending on the dome size and its specifics. The dome is suitable to cover any sports field, warehouses, industrial facilities, etc.

It is necessary to inflate certain amount of air in the structure constantly. At the same time, fresh air is provided to the dome. In case of disconnection of local electricity supply or pressure loss, the emergency/backup unit intervenes immediately, the supply of electricity to all units can additionally be provided by the electrical generator.

The components of the DUOL air supported system as as follows:

1. Double Membrane system:
The outer and inner fabric is made of polyester coated with PVC. There is a gap in between the two membranes to facilitate thermal insulation. These membranes are bound to each other approximately every 2.5 m by high frequency welding. The outer fabric weighs 700 – 1500 gm/Sqm and the Inner fabric weighs 500 – 760 gm/Sqm. The fabric is translucent, allowing good lighting in day light hours. The standard membrane is UV resistant, but with the provision of lacquering finish like PVDF, the resistance is even higher.

2. Heating and Ventilation Systems:
The ventilation system plays a key function of maintaining the pressure inside the air dome, thereby maintaining the stability inside the dome. The air capacity of the dome is 8200 – 120,000 Cum/h. And its power is 4- 30 KW.
The heating system regulates the temperature inside the dome by heating the air pumped into the dome, if necessary. The power capacity of the heating system is 100kW – 1500 kW.
The biggest advantage with the Air Dome is that they can be fully automated, through the wind, pressure sensors attached to the dome.

3. Lighting systems:
There are two modes of lighting- Direct and Indirect lighting. Direct lights are mounted on the ceiling of the dome and indirect lights can be provided along the ends of the air dome depending on the area.

4. Anchoring:
For temporary assembling, rings with peg crossed by a metal tube or grounding anchor with metal tube are used. For permanent assembling, metal profiles are mounted into the concrete beam at 1m intervals. In some cases, even Augur Anchors are used.

5. Emergency backup system
In case of a power cut, the emergency backup system (a generator) intervenes, ensuring the continuous supply of fresh air into the system.