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Air Domes


All weather indoor facilities are imperative in regions that have adverse conditions. To address this challenge, DUOL has introduced the most unique and versatile fabric structures called Air/Steel Frame Supported Domes. These extremely versatile domes are suitable to cover sports fields, warehouses, industrial facilities, agricultural processing units, military lodging etc.

Founded 24 years ago, DUOL is the global leader in providing these structures with over 1,300 sports facilities and thousands of commercial and defence installations worldwide.

Together with DUOL, we offer some of the most unique, integrated and turnkey solutions that can come handy in many a sector. The Multi-purpose Domes from DUOL, when compared to conventional concrete structures, work out to be a lot cheaper and require a much shorter duration to install. Yet, the final products offer many more benefits.

Advantages of these fabricated structures over the conventional structures:
•    Lower cost of Operation and faster ROI.
•    Easy installation. (ideal for locations where material movement, construction is difficult)
•    Quick dismantling & Easy relocation. (therefore, investment protection if needed at another location)
•    UV resistant.

Moreover, a wide variety of Pneumatic Tents, whose Floor Area ranges from 8 Sq m to 250 Sq m, are another set of products that could be very beneficial to the many, specifically to the Defence. These portable tents are very light and require no expertise to install.